FX20 Vacuum Excavator

Come check out the new FX20 Vacuum Excavator. It's great for digging around existing utility lines without fear of hitting and damaging them.  The FX20 vacuum excavator is ideal for a wide range of relatively small projects and multiple short runs per day, including municipal tasks such as:
* Valve box cleanout* Storm drain cleanout* Debris cleanup* Landscaping mulch removal*Underground utility location* Posthole digging*Construction site storm water control*Potholing*Catch basins*Vehicle wash pits

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Daily Rental Rate  $250.00

Utility Locating System

When locating utilities, accuracy is everything. More accuracy means less risk. So we rent the Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard.®  It's a multi-frequency locator with accuracy-enhancing features, highlighted by Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM®) technology, which automatically recommends the best frequency. UtiliGuard also has a 12-watt transmitter that sends signals farther, an easier-to-read display and many other features you won’t find on any other locating system. Only UtiliGuard.

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Receiver Daily Rental               $96.00
Transmitter Daily Rental         $90.00



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Walkbehind- 24-in Depth, 12hp
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Walkbehind- 30-in. Depth, 16hp
Kwik trench20170313 31400 rdv143
Kwick Trench 9"
Small trencher20170328 27713 1vzqeg7
T4 Groundhog, manual, 12"-18" Depth
Dog fence 400x40020170328 16769 9hl3cd
Dog Fence Trencher/Edger
Lowexr2120170207 17158 1gtylc5
Trencher Attachment for Skidsteer


Pump, 2" Centrifugal/Trash
Pump, 3" Centrifugal/Trash
Pump, 4" Centrifugal/Trash
Pump, Hydrostatic Test
Extra Hose 2" Suction
Extra Hose 3" Suction
Extra Hose 4" Suction
Extra Hose 2" Discharge
Extra Hose 3" Discharge
Extra Hose 4" Discharge
Pump, Submersible Electric 3/4"
Pump, Submersible Electric 2"
Pump, Water Bed

Sewer Augers

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Sewer Tape, 100ft
Jm100020180601 29662 ddque8
Mini Jet w/50ft line
Sewer Tape, 150ft
Snake, 50ft Manual
50fta120170313 22648 rsd38d
Snake, 50ft Electric
Ej a full20170627 28940 1ndf03l
Snake, 50ft Electric Easy Rooter Jr.
100ftsea20170313 22648 co8cgn
Snake, 100ft  Electric